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Retaining clients

Client Retention
Any marketer/sales manager will tell you this. It costs to get a new customer – it costs a lot. In fact, some estimates have it at 5X the cost of retaining an existing one. In the translation business, this hold true as well.
Once you have a client, you have an investment. You have spent time and money acquiring that client, and you spend time getting to know that client – their preferences, their unique needs, and how you can best fill those needs. You have developed a relationship that benefits both of you. And, especially when you are new in the business, you are grateful for those early clients. You keep them at your earlier rates, even though new clients are paying more.
At some point, you may need to raise your rates on those legacy clients, but right now you want to keep them and all of the new clients you are acquiring.
So How Do You Retain Clients?

But let’s say that you’re mostly interested in retaining clients: other than providing them with excellent translat…

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